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. "fox news poll" showing him with a nine point ad vage over the president. with mr. obama on the campaign trail governor romney is sharpening the contrast with the president who is best to bring back prosperity for the nation. >> do you want the four more years like the last four years? >> no!. >> you want four more years where 23 million americans are struggling to have a good job? >> no!. >> you want four more years where earnings are going down every year? >> no!. >> you want four more years of trillion dollar deficits in washington? >> no!. >> reporter: governor romney drawing the sharp contrasts with government. do you want bigger government with stifling regulations or smaller leaner government to help the private sector to grow and create jobs. he dinged the president in a new ad today suggesting somewhere down the road he may appoint a secretary of business, watch. >> barack obama says he may appoint a secretary of business. his solution to everything is add another bureaucrat. why not have a president who actually understands business? >> reporter: now, as the pol
with the national average, and here's a look at the real clear politics polling average showing president obama up three points in michigan. bill ballenger is back with us now to talk about what's going on in michigan. so, bill, how do these polls compare to what we've seen over the last couple weeks? >> they're tighter. mitt romney has pulled within shouting distance of the president. this is very much like 2004, john kerry led bush by about this margin, about 3% about a week out, and john kerry actually ended up winning michigan by about that margin, but the bush campaign had kerry so worried that he came in to michigan on sunday before the election to campaign. the difference this time around is neither candidate has come to michigan personally since early summer. jenna: and, bill, that was something you brought up to us a couple weeks ago. you said, listen, it's very important that both candidates get on the ground in michigan, and neither have. what do you make of that? >> well, i don't think obama has felt he needs to get here. i think the obama campaign has been pretty confident they alread
. president obama less than one point ahead in this average of all the polls. allison sherry is a war correspondent for the denver post and is in colorado -- oh, look at the rockies behind you, it looks gorgeous. allison, on the east coast we are dealing with this monstrous storm aftermath, you know, shortage of gas, that kind of thing. what are the issues in colorado right now at this moment, and where does the trend lie for these candidates? >> well, i think momentum for early voting right now is lying with the republicans. there's about a 30% advantage republicans have at this moment. there's about a 1.5 million ballots that have been turned in already and about 540,000 of them are republicans, about 500,000 of them are democrats, and 340 some thousand are unaffiliated volters, so we -- voters, so we have no idea what way they're going. but i think the issues they're caring about, we aren't worried about basements flooding or we're not worried about, you know, not being able to get to work, but people are still every day thinking about, you know, the next four years, are things, ar
florida a pivotal stopping ground. president obama has been there 12 times, mitt romney has been there 13 times. the "real clear politics" polling average shows a virtual tie, governor romney slightly ahead about 49-48. we have the tallahassee bureau chief of "the "tampa bay times"." it's my understanding you have tpupl numbers from your paper that shows the race not as tight as "real clear politics" has it. >> florida is trending in mitt romney's direction. it was unusual and a unique undertaking for my newspaper, we polled voters in the bell weather section of florida, the i4 corridor, which runs from tampa bay across the state to daytona beach. mitt romney 51%, president obama 45%. the president's people have said in none of their polling shows him lower than 47% in the state of florida. our poll had romney up by six points in the i4 corridor. jon: and that's really the prize in florida, isn't it? that is what both candidates are struggling to win. >> it is. it's where the candidates spend most of their time. bill clinton has campaigned for president obama in orlando. it's where tampa
, that's about 11 weeks going back. ed gave it six weeks for governor romney, president obama for four and a tie one. basically, a tied election right now if you look at the polls, do you agree? >> i totally agree and when we win next week on tuesday, then bob can buy me a dinner somewhere in town here. jon: can i come too? >> you can come, but you guys are going to be picking up the tab, because we're going to win. i tell you, some states depend on electronic voting like virginia, they're not going to be able to cast all their ballots. they're going to have to cast hand ballot, and they're not used to counting them there, this election could go way past tuesday. jon: could be hanging chads all over again. >> provisional ballots in ohio. >> fortunately, we control most of those. jon: bob, ed, good to have you on one last time. >> thank you. jon: thank you, guys. jenna: ed, you should ask for a pair of those shoes bob is wearing -- >> i wouldn't be caught dead wearing those -- jon: bob beckel is styling footwear. >> this would help your image. [laughter] jenna: i was impressed, bob. [la
where president obama and governor romney remain in statistical dead heat. "washington post/abc news poll", showing 49% support governor romney and 48% to the president. so close at this time. sean spicer communications director from the rnc coming to us every monday as he has for last couple weeks. nice to have you back. >> thanks, jenna. jenna: on a day like this public safety is paramount. we want to keep that in mind but we can't forget there is an election taking place in little more than a week. has the sudden appearance of this storm affected your strategy in any way? >> no, it hasn't affected the strategy but i think our first and foremost goal of the safety of those near or in the path of sandy. governor romney canceled some events in virginia, particularly because he didn't want to be in the way of first-responders and those who may need help after sandy goes through. we have utilized our victory centers in north carolina, virginia, pennsylvania, new hampshire to accept donations for people who might be affected. he is out there in ohio, wisconsin, iowa today. we're keeping
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)